Assembly Lessons
*Assembly Programs have a capacity of up to 200 students
Program Age Group Length Price Next Generation Science Standards Icon Key
Animal Champions: Everybody is great at something; so are animals. Meet animals that might not swim the fastest or jump the highest, but still win the gold medal at surviving! K - 3rd 45 Minutes $400.00
Aquarium Careers: Learn about the many STEM careers available at an aquarium, and the day-to-day routines and qualifications necessary to work with sharks, penguins, and turtles. High School 45 Minutes $400.00
Habitat Heroes: Students will meet locally endangered animals and learn what they can do to help conserve the animals that live in their own backyards. 4th- 8th 45 Minutes $400.00
Polar Animals Assembly: Students will see biofacts from animals who live in the coldest parts of the world. They will explore different adaptations, and discuss how climate change might be affecting their habitat. 5th–6th Grades 45 Minutes $400.00
Reptiles Rock!: Reptiles, although slithery or scaly, are not scary. Learn how reptiles use unique adaptations to survive in many different habitats. 4th – 8th 45 Minutes $400.00
Shark Attack!: Are sharks really the ferocious eating machines they seem to be in movies? Learn the truth about these special fish. The truth is often more fascinating than fiction. With live shark if available. 4th - 8th 45 Minutes $400.00
Shark Conservation: From bycatch to pollution, shark populations are declining faster than they can rebound. Students will learn about different threats to sharks and discover ways they can help protect this ancient predator. With live shark if available. High School 45 Minutes $400.00
Sharks: What exactly is a shark? Learn what makes a shark a special type of fish. With live shark if available. K-3rd 45 Minutes $400.00
Who Lives Where?: Students will meet four animals and learn about the adaptations that help them to survive in their habitat. K – 3rd 45 Minutes $400.00
Classroom Lessons
*Classroom Programs have a capacity of up to 32 students
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Aquatic ABC’s: Using letter cards and animal props, students will learn about many different aquatic animals from alligators to zebra sharks! 4 years old - K 45 Minutes $245.00
Crazy Coverings: Discover what the different outside coverings on animals do to help them survive in their habitat. 4 years old – K 30 Minutes $245.00
Feeding Frenzy: Through an interactive group activity, students will understand how every living thing can affect other living things. Altering this delicate balancing act can have a surprising ripple effect on other living things. 5th – 6th 45 Minutes $245.00
Food Web Fun: Every animal plays an important role in their habitat. Students will develop a food web and explore just how much animals depend on one another to survive. 3rd-4th 45 Minutes $245.00
Investigating Invertebrates: Invertebrates are among the most successful creatures on the planet. Join us for a hands-on look at some of these strange yet wonderful creatures. 5th – 6th 45 Minutes $245.00
Library Program: 2021 Summer Reading Theme: Tails and Tales! Students will focus on interesting animal adaptations and how animals appear in literature. Join us and our animal guests as we “dive in” to some of the ways different animals use their tails — like tadpoles who use their tails for propulsion and thresher sharks who use their tails to stun prey. All Ages 45 Minutes $250.00
Life on the Reef: How do so many different reef animals live together in one place? What makes a coral reef so delicate and unique? Students will be introduced to one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. 1st – 2nd 45 Minutes $245.00
Living Lifecycles: Animals grow up in many unique ways. Some are born looking like baby versions of themselves while others look completely different. Students will learn how animals change from babies into adults and recognize the value of their differences. 3rd-4th 45 Minutes $245.00
Oceans in Motion: During this engaging and interactive program, students will discover the differences between common ocean animals while dressing up and mimicking animal actions. 4 years old - K 30 Minutes $220.00
Scales, Feathers and Fur: Learn which adaptations make birds, mammals, and reptiles different. Students learn about classification and how animals use their unique characteristics to survive. 1st – 2nd 45 Minutes $245.00
Sharks: Tooth or Consequences!: Through illustration and participation, learn about sharks large and small. Touch shark jaws, and take home a genuine fossil shark tooth. With live shark if available. K – 6th 45 Minutes $245.00
Silly Senses: Discover animals that don’t use a nose to smell, hands to feel or eyes to see in the same way that we do! Two 30 minute lessons included with this price. 2-3 years old 60 Minutes $245.00
Tidepool Sensory Tables: Toddlers will have the opportunity to touch and interact with live animals, shells, and other manipulatives in this hands-on lesson. 1-2 years old 30 Minutes $220.00
Tidepool Toddlers: During this interactive program, students will be read a story about ocean life told with animal props. Afterwards, they will meet animals from the story. Two 30 minute lessons included with this price. 3 - 4 years old 30 Minutes $245.00
Classroom Stem Labs
*Classroom Programs have a capacity of up to 32 students
Program Age Group Length Price Next Generation Science Standards Icon Key
Coral Reef CSI Lab: Students work together to solve the mystery of the missing zooxanthellae. In this hands-on lab, students will learn which different environmental and human dangers affect a coral reef by conducting various water quality test such as pH, salinity, and dissolved oxygen. Middle – High School 60 Minutes $315.00
Crystal Bay Lab: Fictional Crystal Bay is in trouble. Students run tests on water and soil samples, analyze the data and use problem solving skills to determine the problem and save the day! Middle-High School 60 Minutes $315.00
Squid Dissection: Discover how unique squid and octopuses are! Discuss the fascinating characteristics of these strange animals and finish by dissecting a squid. One squid, tools, and materials provided for every two students. This is as “hands-on” as it gets! ***Other dissections available including: sea star, skate, crayfish, or perch (prices may vary) 6th-12th 60 Minutes $315.00
Exploration Lessons
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Aquarium Day: Let us take over your school for the day! Each class will enjoy time at our hands-on Beach Detective touch table activity as well as receive two 45 minute assembly programs (topic of your choosing). Adult volunteers from your school will be needed to assist the Center staff. All Ages 300 Minutes $1,195.00
Beach Detective Touch Tables: Investigate different animal artifacts that can be found on the beach. Who do they belong to and what are they used for? This program can be a structured lesson or a “hands-on” touch table. K – 6th 60 Minutes $295.00
Programs for Events
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Birthday Party: Let us dive into your party with this hands-on and engaging 90 minute program which includes touch tanks, a craft and a live animal presentation! For up to 20 children. Any additional children will be charged per head. All Ages 90 Minutes $400.00